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Drawing for Daddy

Teacher gifts to make them say 'awww'

Teachers do a wonderful job, and this year particularly, many of us want to say an extra special thank you. They've struggled to keep things normal for our little one's when the world has been anything but; they've sent out home learning packs; tried to reign in the chaos that is a zoomful of stir crazy children; and helped them make sense of the world around them.

If you need inspiration you've come to the right place. We'll show you some unique ways our customers have created thoughtful one of a kind gifts that don't break the bank.


It might be a pet, a hobby, or a book that they've read together; choose something they love for your design.

A keyring is always a popular choice, letting them carry those special drawings and ensuring their keys never go astray in the staff room.

Show your teacher how much the handwriting practice has paid off by creating them a gift made from your actual handwriting.

Their teacher's name, 'best teacher' and 'thank you' are all popular messages to make a meaningful present.


They might be small, but they're as popular as ever. A pin badge made from your own drawing will be a treasured addition to any teacher's collection.​

For best results keep your drawing simple, so that the details pop despite its minute size.

All teachers love books, and what better way to mark the page than with their own custom bookmark.


We know teachers are busy - so our note holders make great personal and practical gifts. They are the perfect place to display class drawings, special photos or to keep safe important numbers or notes.

Magnets are another handy gift for busy teachers. Ours can be made from your drawings or writing and can even have the date stamped on the back.

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