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5 chocolatey crafts for the kids this World Chocolate Day

Let’s be honest, we don’t really need the excuse of World Chocolate Day to indulge in some chocolate themed crafts, but we can’t resist a theme! Here are some quick and easy activities which will keep the kids quiet long enough to enjoy a chocolate or two.

1. Chocolate-scented Playdough

Cocoa powder in a measuring cup
Make sure to use cocoa not hot chocolate powder

You didn’t think they were all going to involve eating lots of delicious chocolate, did you? If you want a candy activity that won’t result in a sugar crash, then cocoa-infused playdough might be for you. Start by mixing together 2 cups of plain flour, ½ cup of cocoa powder and 1 cup of table salt. Mix in 2 cups of boiling water and 2 tablespoons of cooking oil. Once cooled you can knead and it’s ready to play. We like to make pretend cakes and decorate them with candles, beads and sequins. Mix in some sand or coffee grinds and you’ve got perfect mud playdough for your toy diggers and pretend building site.

2. Chocolate Crispy Cakes

Mixing bowl of melted chocolate
Ready for sticky fingers?

No childhood is complete without the obligatory making of chocolate crispy cakes. I’m sure you know how to make them, but just in case: melt cooking chocolate in a bowl and add your favourite crunchy cereal. Let their imagination run free with other delicious ingredients like crumbled biscuit, dried fruits, marshmallows and gummy sweets. Spoon the mixture into cake cases and allow to cool before eating.

3. Chocolate Painting

Pouring glass of wine
This should help

Make some chocolatey artwork using cocoa powder and glue; think glitter pictures but with cocoa instead of glitter. Not the cleanest of crafts, so we recommend you start by pouring yourself a large cool glass of your preferred tipple and accepting that every surface of your home will soon be covered in brown dust. Excellent, now you’re ready to start! Get them to draw a picture on plain paper, and once happy with the design they trace over the lines with glue (pva or glue stick work fine), then sprinkle over the cocoa powder. Shake off any excess cocoa powder into a container to reuse (probably for crafts, not your teatime cakes) and the picture will be revealed.

4. Edible chocolate slime

Bowl of marshmallows
Squishy yummy marshmallows

Being edible, this slime is safe for small children, meaning you don’t have to panic every time they move their hand towards their face. To make the slime microwave some marshmallows, stirring regularly until they melt. Be very careful as the marshmallows will be hot and can easily burn! When the marshmallows have melted stir in chocolate Angel Delight (or similar) and icing sugar. If your mixture is too runny add more icing sugar or cornstarch until it’s the thickness you want. Now it’s ready to pull, stretch and squish.

5. Chocolate Wrapper Collage

Lots of chocolates
Doing it for the kids

While you’re eating your World Chocolate Day treats make sure to save the wrappers. The brightly coloured foil wrappers are perfect for collages. You can add some texture to their collages by cutting up different bits of packaging, like the protective sheets, cellophane and cardboard boxes. If they run out of collage material, simply eat another box of chocolates, it's for the kids after all!

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