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Learn more about our schools and nurseries fundraising scheme.

Fundraising. Eurgh. We know it needs to be done, but my goodness it's time-consuming. Coffee mornings, raffles, lucky dips, summer fetes...Christmas fetes! Sponsored runs, sponsored walks, sponsored who-knows-what-next. 

All you PTA champions, childcare staff-come-money raisers, you're doing a wonderful job. Let us make your life a little easier. Register for our reward scheme and take it easy while your commission grows.

Kids Drawing

How it works

It's pretty simple really. Register for our rewards scheme and we will send you a code unique to your school or nursery. Every time an order is placed using your unique code we will take 5% off the total and you will earn 15% commission.


That's 5% for your parents, family and friends, and 15% for you.

School Supply

So, why should we join?

  • If you're a school, nursery or children's group based in the UK then you're eligible to join our fundraising scheme.

  • We'll pay your commission directly to your bank account every quarter, no matter how much you've raised - no minimum payout.

  • We'll send you regular promotions and campaigns that you can share with your parents and carers to encourage them to support your fundraising.

  • If you want to raise more money, higher rates of commission are available for schools and nurseries who wish to coordinate group orders. This is particularly successful at Christmas, Mother's and Father's Day.

School Children

Sign up below:

Read through the scheme's terms and conditions then scroll down to sign up.

1. We will not pay money into personal bank accounts. When your first commission payment is due we will ask for your bank details - these must be your organisation's account. 


2. We will pay your commission quarterly (April, July, October, January) to the bank account you have specified. A statement of transactions and commission will be provided at these times and can be requested at other times by contacting us directly.


3. Only one discount code can be used per transaction. We will not pay commission to multiple organisations for the same transaction.


4. We will send you marketing and promotional material to help you promote the scheme, as well as information directly related to the scheme and commission earned.​

5. Open to schools, nurseries and children's groups based in the UK.

Fill in your details and we'll be in touch with your unique fundraising code as soon as possible. If you don't hear from us within a couple of days please check your junk mail folder!

Thanks for submitting!

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