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Christmass Classroom

Christmas Gifts for Dads

Cute and thoughtful - create Dad his own one of a kind keepsake gift made from your actual drawings and writing.

Need a little inspiration this Christmas? Take a peek at some of the presents we've created for special Dads!


Make Dad's Christmas with a keyring designed by you! Practical and sentimental, Dad will love carrying your pictures with him wherever he goes.

Personalise it with something Dad loves. Maybe a favourite movie character (like Yoda here), a hobby, pet, or sport.

If there's one thing that kids love to draw, it's pictures of themselves and their families.

Turn that cute portrait of Dad into a fridge magnet, perfect for sticking up drawings, notes or Christmas cards.

Fridge Magnet

Got a Christmas party? Add a unique touch to Dad's outfit with personalised cufflinks drawn by you.

Use a single drawing for both cufflinks, or create a different picture for each sleeve (like this cute couple).

It's not just about drawings, we can also create the perfect Christmas gift from your handwriting.

Tug at his heartstrings with an 'I love you Dad' message, or keep it simple with just his name. We have a range of items that can be personalised with your writing.


They might be small, but they're as popular as ever. A pin badge made from your own drawing is sure to be a treasured present this Christmas.

For best results keep your drawing simple, so that the details pop despite its minute size.

Why limit yourself to just one drawing!? Our charm keyrings can hold multiple drawings; perfect for portraits of all the family.

Our tag keyrings feature a large drawing with a smaller tag to hold your short message or a name.


Give the family portrait a unique take with self-portraits drawn by you all.

If you're looking for a Christmas present which is extra meaningful, our Wall art is a great option. Get really involved in designing your gift, we'll work with you to create your one of  a kind artwork which can incorporate drawings, text and photographs into a single piece.

Is your Dad always losing things, does he need a hand keeping organised?

Our note holders are the perfect place to keep important notes and memos safe. Dad will love this practical present which can feature your drawing or writing.

IMG_0304 (1).jpg
Keyring Peach Long Chain (1).jpg

Don't forget your littlest family members. They may not be drawing or writing just yet but they can still get involved. Heartbeats, first scribbles and hand and foot prints can all be made into almost any of our personalised gifts.

If Dad is a bookworm, he'll love his very own bookmark made from your drawings. You could make it Christmas-themed by drawing Santa, or just something Dad will love, like these cool pirates.

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